You are a SME and your ambition is to market and sell your products, your services and your ‘know how’ overseas?

You will also appreciate the necessity to rely on guidance and solutions in order to achieve you international ambition.

Your targets are:

  1. To strengthen your position in an existing market
  2. To develop a presence in new markets and/or to create strategic partnerships
  3. To reduce your production cost,
  4. etc…


BFED/MFC proposes the following solutions to your targets:

  1. sales:  distributors, agents, commercial partners
  2. commercial strategy: alliances and partnerships
  3. production: suppliers, subcontractors,…


Your priorities become ours.

Hereafter some examples:

  1. The organization of the export process: What? How? Where?
  2. The financial assessment of exporting or international projects: investment, profitability, etc…
  3. The assessment of political and financial risks related to your development.
  4. The adaptation to your production: technological tools, quality control and assurance, etc…


Just tell us your targets.
BFED/MFC duty is to provide you with the correct and adequate solutions to reach these successfully.




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