Your intention is to develop your business overseas and, to enter new markets or improve your position in your present markets, and you wish to take the benefits of professionals to secure such process.

BFED/MFC as your partner with proven expertise will take care of your international development, guide you during all phases of your development, as well as  the mobilization of financial support and subsidies due to make your program easier.

BFED/MFC will work in close partnership with you, always taking care of the specific requirements of your company.

BFED/MFC offers a wide range of “à la carte” services for you to be in a position to reach your targets in new areas overseas or strengthen your position where you are already present.

BFED/MFC job is focused on

  1. The strategic development, implementation and follow up of your market development
  2. The setting up of long lasting partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances.


Your priorities become ours, and each client is considered unique.




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