Managers of SMEs (and this is even more true for VSMEs), are, by necessity having to increase their turnover by means of export, and are very often facing unknown markets. They generally cannot rely, permanently at least, on specialized directly employed staff with export experience.

BFED/MFC proposes the “à la carte” assignment of our experts with the aim

  1. to assess the opportunities and potential of your products in overseas markets:
    • What to sell?
    • At what price and which conditions?
    • How? (commercial  approaches, technical skills, selection of suppliers and subcontractors, specialized staff, financial means, etc…)
    • How much will it cost?
    • What will be the profit at the end?
  2. To select, based on our experience, the areas considered a priority in order to ensure and professionally increase your turnover overseas.
  3. To prepare and define your strategy and the methodology for a progressive commercial presence in the selected areas.
  4. To set up the means and partnerships:  agents, distributors, partners on a commercial and/or industrial, and/or financial matters.



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