The Network of Experts

BFED-MFC is the core of two complementary networks of experts:

The first one is covering all the disciplines of the daily management of your SME:

  • the general diagnostic of the company
  • the organisation and the management
  • the industrial strategy
  • the IT consultancy
  • the human resources
  • the communication and the marketing creativity
  • the relation with public bodies and industrial unions
  • the guidance for administrative processes
  • the patents and commercial trade names
  • the certifications (CE, ISO, Halal, etc…)
  • the logistics
  • the insurance
  • the energy savings,
  • Etc…

The second one includes all our international experts for Export and/or partnerships. Without being limited, BFED-MFC has contractually committed correspondents in Belgium and in the Grand-duchy of Luxemburg, but also in

  • . the Netherlands
  • . France
  • . Italy
  • . Spain
  • . Germany
  • . to the European Institutions
  • . Russia and the Baltic countries
  • . the Western Balkans
  • . the Middle East
  • . the Maghreb and the Near East
  • . the Western Africa, and the Central African countries
  • . the United States of America and the Canada
  • . China.


All these partners collaborate on a case by case basis, giving the utmost priority to our methodology for the trade development and to our financial conditions which are strictly in accordance with the targets and means of SME’s and VSME’s.

Each of our partners contributes because of its proven capability in his geographical and/or specific expertise. In most of the cases, this expertise is confirmed by official mandates or accreditations (Export Trade Advisers, AWEX accreditation, International Agencies accreditation …) which not only demonstrate the expertise of our partners, but also can contribute to very attractive financial conditions (thanks to subsidies or grants) for the proposed services.

Generally the proposed services include the identification of problems and concerns, the preparation of the relevant solutions, and finally the dually agreed direction to the most qualified specialists.




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